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The Track Team - Tenzin's Decision
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Tenzin’s Decision - The Track Team

This is the track that plays when Tenzin makes the decision to allow Korra to stay and train airbending with him in Welcome To Republic City. 

Download Here Korra Nation Link

If I could just have official OSTs of both series, my life would be made. Mmmm, music be phenomenal. Say what you will about the show itself, but I think we’re all in agreement that the tracks are bad-fucking-ass.

Tegan and Sara - I Was Married
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I Was Married // Tegan and Sara

Benh Zeitlin, Dan Romer - Until the Water Goes Down
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Until the Water Goes Down - Beasts of the Southern Wild soundtrack

chongthenomad - korra medley
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Korra Medley 

Produced by Chongthenomad

Inspired by the Track Team

So I made this lil’ thing for a collab with pumpkinpie89, who will be doing an AMV to go along with it. Go follower her! Her AMV’s are amazing.

A lot of people made their own version of the Main Theme, so I decided to give it a spin ^-^. I also managed to fit in the original Avatar theme itself from the main series.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Note: Out of respect for the collab, I will not be posting the download until Pumpkin uploads the AMV. I will make it available after the video is out.

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Selina Kyle (unreleased theme) by Hans Zimmer.

And WHY wasn’t this released? It fits her character perfectly! It just sounds like a cat slinking into the darkness.

Does it mean unreleased as in not on the soundtrack? Because I know it was used in the film. Every time she pops up you can hear this in the background.

hasdkjhfsal I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE ALREADY /soundtrack nerd

Legend of Korra - Legend of Korra None Like Joshua Remix)[Instrumental]
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Legend of Korra (Dubstep Instrumental by None Like Joshua) by

Original rap:

As requested :)
Enjoy, and upload a cover if you like!

and be sure to check out the music video by MissDoonaQueen:

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Original version here.

yeah I’ve listened to this literally like 85 times in the last two days.

D-tent boys - Dig It
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Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Vocals Only)
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Bohemian Rhapsody (Vocals Only) | Queen

His voice was actual perfection.

I love this 

I have the music so ingrained in my head I couldn’t NOT hear the instruments.

I could’ve sworn the instruments were playing until a few silent moments passed.


this is why i will never love anyone musically as much as you Freddie xxx

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Somebody That I Used To Know (cover) // fun. feat Hayley Williams